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We envision communities where people are treated
with dignity and respect, their basic needs are met,
and they are empowered to enhance the quality of their own lives.

Wraparound: Intensive Community-based Mental Health Services

What is it?

Wraparound is a values-driven planning and organizing process that coordinates, creates and then implements unique interventions to support youth and families with complex needs. It builds on the successes and strengths of individual families and the people around them. It acknowledges the value of naturally occurring relationships and community resources as the most effective means of family support. It celebrates the uniqueness of each child, family and community. And, it understands that trust is a cornerstone to change, and that trust sometimes takes time.

Who are we serving?

Wraparound is currently serving youth with complex needs and their families in Yakima County. Wraparound is a good fit when:

  • Even despite the involvement of multiple systems, no one can figure out quite what to do;
  • There is evidence that traditional, system-driven interventions have been ineffective or insufficient over time;
  • Big behaviors are threatening health, safety or security; and
  • Despite everyone’s efforts, the family’s life is getting worse instead of better

How does it work?

Each family is assigned a Wraparound Care Coordinator who supports the family and organizes and facilitates the Child & Family Team (CFT) meetings. A Child and Family Team is a group of people – frequently including extended family, friends, community members and professional helpers- who gather around a family to develop, implement and then continually refine the wraparound plan until is achieves its intended outcomes.

How is a youth referred?

Anyone in the community can refer a youth to Wraparound. Referral forms are available electronically at Completed referrals are faxed to the Yakima County Systems of Care office at 509-574-2928, and are reviewed twice a week. Referents are notified when a decision is made. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Yakima Valley Systems of Care Project Director, 509-574-2977.

Information adapted from O’hana Coaching

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